Friday, April 18, 2008

Taking back the night

A good article today in the Columbia Spectator about last night's Take Back the Night march in Morningside Heights. Apparently it was the first time men were allowed to take part in it.

According to Wikipedia, TBTN marches "are often deliberately women-only in order to symbolize women's individual walk through darkness and to demonstrate that women united can resist fear and violence. The women-only policies have caused controversy on some campuses for the way they exclude participation by men."

The Spectator article reads:
"Many say that since its controversial inception in 1988, the tone of the march has transformed from hostile to inclusive. [...] The march’s path through frat row was at one time confrontational, since, according to political theory Professor Dennis Dalton, a TBTN participant, the fraternities distributed sexist propaganda and made catcalls. Recent years have seen an attitude turnaround, as fraternities have taken to hanging signs and rallying by their windows in support of TBTN."
Here's a photo I snapped this afternoon of banners hanging on 114th, i.e. Greek Street.

Considering the story I'm working on for the Image issue of NYC24 is about how the domestic violence movement is trying to get more and more men involved in the cause, this would have been super cool to film. Unfortunately I was stuck in class critiquing the last issue of NYC24 while 500 or so people were yelling outside our windows. So please, if you have any photos, audio or video of the event, get in touch! Or better yet, post below how I can get in touch so we can get a little comments going on this blog.

This weekend I'll hopefully get around to blogging about the Bronx Clothesline Project that I went to on Tuesday, so stay tuned.

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