Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working Stiffs Get Cutting Edge

Ever wonder what it is like in a neighborhood barbershop? Want to know how funky haircuts are making their way into the workplace?

Haircuts are among the elements that define a person’s image. The straight, combed to the side haircut can evoke corporate America, but for Don Juan’s customers on the Lower East Side that look is too conservative. They want something that will make them stand out.

They are not artists or hip fashionistas. They work in the service industry, from a bellhop at a swanky midtown hotel to a ramp agent directing airplanes at JFK. Historically, the service industry has had rigid rules about appearance. In recent years however, more individuals have pushed the boundaries of what is considered an acceptable image, depending on their level of contact with customers

The multimedia story Working Stiffs Get Cutting Edge by Anthony Vanger appears in the Image issue of

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