Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roller skaters are leading double lives

The women of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby league are smart, motivated and independent. They’re championing female empowerment while leading doubles lives.

By day, the skaters embrace their professional identities, whether they are teachers, architects or lawyers. By night, they slip into their alternate personas as easily as they slip on the kneepads and roller skates that signify a roller derby identity.

The highlight was going to see my first roller derby bout in Brooklyn. My video captures all the action – the hip checks, take-downs and super fast skating. Readers can also “meet” some of the women who I interviewed in the portrait gallery. Learn about roller derby’s long history from the timeline and read more here.

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Anthony Vanger said...

This is a fab story. It should run in the NY Times. Send it in. It also fits perfectly within the theme of the issue. Well done.