Thursday, May 8, 2008

Women Swap Heels for Cleats

Rugby is a popular club sport in the US with over 315 women's club teams and about 12,000 participants at the college level, according to USA Rugby.

But the sport is also played after college by women in their professional lives. Many women of the Brooklyn Women Rugby Football Club said the sport has changed their self-image. Rugby has empowered them, changed their view of femininity and broken the monotonous work grind.

Some players who hold jobs as teachers, consultants, librarians and attorneys have learned what it means to scrum, while others return the sport after a hiatus.

The multimedia story Women Swap Heels for Cleats by Matthew P. Moll
appears in the Image issue of


Deb-a-licious said...

I want my weekend activity to require a mouthguard! I've never seen a story on women's rugby before. The story and these women rock!

Anthony Vanger said...

Awesome story. I went to Rugby School in the UK where the game was invented. I also played it and it is a tough game, especially for a skinny kid. I got pretty good at it and it definitely gave me self-confidence and changed my image in the eyes of my peers.

Nice work.

Russ said...

Great story on an up-and-coming sport. It's always interesting to hear how people keep active post-college, and all the more interesting to hear how they've incorporated it into their work/social identities. Mad respect.

Tom said...

ha, cool. sounds like it's really making a difference in people's lives. let's get the WSJ reporting on stuff like this instead of the declining DOW average

Virgil C said...

I'd be curious if men feel the same way about their rugby events --> does it redefine any roles, increase self-acceptance, or carry comparable badges of honor?

Hm. Guess I should try tackling someone and find out.

Paul said...

Makes me want to go out in a field and tackle someone! Nice story - tuff girls!